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Pierce & Company will provide a complete tenant screening service for landlords in California. Whether you’re looking for eviction records, a tenant credit check, or tenant criminal background screening we can help.

  • A tenant credit check on a Prospective Tenant is likely the most valuable piece of information that you can obtain. Here is why: 
By comparing the personal information on the rental application to the personal information on the tenant credit report, you can determine if the Prospective Tenant has been truthful with you or not. Does the name, date of birth, SSN match? This identifies your Prospective Tenant so that you will know who you are dealing with.
  • A credit report will most often list current and previous employers where the credit history is recent, again if credit history is not recent or current that is a red flag and the credit report will not have a good rating.
  • A tenant credit report lists liens, bankruptcies, collections and legal items. Generally if the credit history has problems there will also be a list of collections and/or legal items reported.
  • A tenant credit report will tell you who has been making inquiries on the Prospective Tenant, has he/she been applying for credit anywhere else recently? Is a Collection Agency making inquiries? Has any other landlord or Property Manager been making inquiries? These are just a few reasons to screen potential tenants.

Pierce & Company’s goal is to find the most qualified tenant, to maintain security and achieve maximum return on the investment.