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Why choose Pierce & Co. property management?

Questions & Answers

Who do I talk to? A: Your designated property manager

Who handles my property? A: Your designated property manager

Who do tenants call? A: Your designated property manager

How do you decide what rent to charge when there are vacancies? A: Valuation Manager

How do you advertise your vacancies? A: Our Marketing specialist

Can I see the application and approve the tenants? A: Yes

How do you handle Security Deposits? A: Investor discretion

How often do you visit the property? A: As need basis, usually bi-weekly

Who collects rent? A: Designated certified rent collector

When do you serve 3-Day Notices? A: When rent is delinquent.

Who handles evictions? A: Most cases we do, some cases our attorney.

What happens if there is an emergency after business hours? A: We have an emergency contact to handle issues in a timely manner. 24/7.

Can I use my own vendors? A: Yes

I am really nervous about racking up big maintenance expenses. How do you control expenses? A: By quality control, inspection, and preventative maintenance. Also quality and affordable vendors.

Can I approve all work? A: Yes

When do I get my financial report and what does it include? A: Income and expense report every 15th.

We own the property with several partners. Can we get separate disbursements? A: Anything is possible.

Are your prices competitive? A: Yes Highly

Why should I choose Pierce & Co.? A: Pierce & Co. maintains a high standard of reliability and accountability, and gives owners the true peace of mind that comes with knowing that their property is in the best hands possible.